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For the past 9 years that PCA has been involved with the school & centre, it was located in a rented compound. With rising rents & looking towards sustainability, it was decided to purchase a building for the school. Fortunately one was found where the vendors agreed to payments by installments. The move to this building was made in January 2011. Renovations are needed to complete all the classrooms.  This school & centre has the capacity for the enrolment of 600 children. There is currently a waiting list for entry. Once the needed renovations are completed those waiting to come will be admitted. We anticipate having one Secondary grade.  This will be a first in this area as there are no Secondary schools in the slums.

This past winter, through donations from Ottawa West Rotary & private donors we were able to put electricity in the building, construct four large classrooms, toilet facilities, with showers & sinks. There are few buildings n the slum with running water & the capacity for electricity.  The school is fortunate in having both.