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Medecine + Equipment Needed

Our Clinic is now OPEN! However the medicine needed to treat even the most common ailments is running out. In addition medical supplies are needed.

The list goes like this:
Examining Table $185.00
Medicine Trolley $130.00
Hospital Bed $150.00 (ordinary, no wheels or headrest)
Electric Centrifuge $230.00 (for blood work)
Autoclave 18LT $240.00 (for blood work)
HIV Determine strips 100 for $65.00
Glucometer Machine (plus strips) $60.00
Blood Grouping tiles $6.00 a pack
Measuring Cylinder $5.00 each 100ML
Haemo Control Cuvettes $40.00 each

Any and all donations are more than welcome. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the school. No money is diverted for administration, marketing fees or salaries.


Fresh from Africa!

Fresh from Nairobi these re-purposed cement bags lined with kanga make oh-so stylish clutches. Great for storing make-up or going out, these mid-sized bags come fully lined with a beaded zipper. Custom made at the LC Education Centre by Rose and her single mom’s sewing club. They start with discarded cement bags found around the slum, line and trim them with kanga bought in Malindi by the Indian Ocean, sew in the zipper and add a single bead which is sourced from local markets around Nairobi.
Thoughtful and purposeful gifts. Now available at Bloom Artisan Boutique, 159 York Street in the Byward Market in Ottawa! Owner Lisa Wilson is putting them on display with all proceeds going to Project Chance Africa. Thank you Bloom!

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