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Our Clinic is now OPEN! However the medicine needed to treat even the most common ailments is running out. In addition medical supplies are needed.

The list goes like this:
Examining Table $185.00
Medicine Trolley $130.00
Hospital Bed $150.00 (ordinary, no wheels or headrest)
Electric Centrifuge $230.00 (for blood work)
Autoclave 18LT $240.00 (for blood work)
HIV Determine strips 100 for $65.00
Glucometer Machine (plus strips) $60.00
Blood Grouping tiles $6.00 a pack
Measuring Cylinder $5.00 each 100ML
Haemo Control Cuvettes $40.00 each

Any and all donations are more than welcome. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the school. No money is diverted for administration, marketing fees or salaries.