Our Goals

The Goals of the Loving Concern Education Centre:

To reach sustainability:

  • By working with local partners and gathering community support.
  • By creating and implementing long-term development initiatives.

To provide a safe, clean learning environment for the children:

  • To provide each child with a desk and a pencil.

To provide nutritious meals for the children on a daily basis:

  • By creating a clean cooking area with appliances and utensils. Currently, there are few utensils and food is prepared in an open courtyard over an open fire.By ensuring that fresh food is offered regularly.
  • To build a kitchen in line with the World Food Organization’s criteria and to receive food on a regular basis.

To provide teachers:

  • By growing into a self-sustaining centre that is able to offer proper salaries to qualified teachers.

To provide health care for the children:

  • By opening a medical clinic on the school premises, which would provide a number of essential services including: HIV/AIDS testing, and distributing much needed medicine and immunizations. The clinic would offer emergency care on site.
  • It would offer information clinics to the community on all health related topics.
  • It would offer prevention programs to youth in school.

To provide assistance to single mothers:

  • By teaching skills such as sewing, dressmaking, hairdressing, computer skills and offer workshops on life skills, parenting skills and general information example: micro-finance etc.
  • To offer supportive counseling, and encourage a sense of community.
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