Pastor Luke Wanayama is the principal of The LC Education Centre. He and his wife Rose live at the school with five of their own children as well as several orphaned children they have taken in. Without this support a slum school will not remain open.

Rose is a seamstress who teaches young single mothers how to sew. She re tailors donated school uniforms for the children. Uniforms are a “badge of honor” in this country.  All school children wish to wear a uniform as it tells everyone that they are being educated.

Tradition dictates children must wear a uniform to school. This presents an additional barrier to families who are unable to meet their basic survival needs, let alone tuition and uniform fees.

The school has one Head Teacher plus thirteen Teachers with varying levels of education & experience.

A Teachers salary can be $80.00 per month up to $130.00 per month.

When there is no salary the teachers teach for their meals.

Teachers, who work in slum schools have a strong belief in the value of giving these children an education, thereby giving them a better chance at life.

When funds are low, it is the teachers who don’t get paid. This is common in slum schools. Often there is a turn over of teachers as they have to leave a particular school in order to earn a living.  This can make it  difficult for the students to learn.



The Mathare Scholarship Trust

A Canadian non-profit organization raising funds for scholarships for children living & attending school in the Mathare slum. They have given out hundreds of scholarships to primary school graduates over the last 10 years & continue to do so.

They have recently included scholarships to colleges & universities.


A slum primary school in Mathare , with 500 children. It  created two Secondary classes because  Mathare does not have a Secondary school. The Principal of this school is very proactive in dealing with the plight of young girls in his school. He has created the first all girls soccer teams for girls ages 8 & up who attend this primary school. In order to address this problem PCA has become involved with helping to promote programs for young women.

One of the programs we are supporting:

PCA created a second sewing group at this school for girls to make reusable sanitary napkins.

They sell them in Math are for an affordable price.  Most girls miss classes when they have their periods as they have no money to purchase supplies. They often fall behind in classes & fail their exams, which then means they do not then have the opportunity to write the entrance exams for Secondary schools. It is a huge set back for these young girls.

PCA also supports MACEDO’s efforts to engage girls in soccer. The Principal of the school created the first soccer girls teams for girls aged 8 yrs to 16yrs.

He believes that the girls need to learn about their strengths to build their self-esteem.

Although they lack equipment, they are winning many tournaments, locally, regionally & provincially.

PCA hopes to assist their funding efforts towards purchasing running shoes & uniforms for the girls & helping out with the costs of entering into tournaments.

Gertrudes Children’s Hospital

One example:  A Principal walks through the slum. He takes in any child he finds wandering about the slum, whose parent may have died during the night. This is common in Mathare, with parents dying of AIDS &  so many other diseases associated with the filthy conditions in which these people must live. The principal or teacher then searches for suitable people who live in the slum to become guardians of these children, now orphaned.

Educators in Mathare are, defacto community workers because so much more is involved that just teaching at school.

Situations arise every day that require interventions. Principals are viewed as community leaders and those that are activists are assisting this community on many levels.

They help parents perhaps who have AIDS in developing a plan for the future care of their children.

They take in young pregnant girls, and women who are destitute and alone. Many of these girls and women are the victims of sexual assault and abuse. Babies are found on the dump, weekly,  put there by young girls who have given birth and  do not know what  to do.

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