All slum schools in Kenya are categorized as  ‘non-formal’ schools. Schools in this category have a right to exist, but do not receive any government funding. Most slum schools ask for a small fee from parents, while not making it a condition of attendance. The fee can be anywhere from 25 shillings, which is the equivalent of $3. per semester (the school year is comprised of three semesters) up to 400 SH. $50.00 per year. We cannot charge our students tuition as they have no money and most of them are from single parent families or are orphaned living under trusteeships.

The slum schools follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. PCA registered the school & centre with the Ministry of Education in case one day they would fund these slum schools. The Ministry of Education will give slum schools the curriculum to follow each year, but that is all that they give.  This allows the students who are leaving primary school to write entrance exams to Secondary schools, even though they are unlikely to have the funds to attend Secondary schools.

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