Project Chance Africa Inc. is a registered Canadian Charity addressing the needs of the children who live in poverty in the Mathare slum of Nairobi, Kenya.

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Recent Updates


Annual Spring Report 2014

Click to view our Annual Spring Report 2014


Thank You!

Lynn Murphy’s Pottery Sale Raised $500.00 for PCA.
Lynn is a long time Potter who makes beautiful pieces, both decorative & useful.
Thank you Lynn & thank you to Carol Waters who provided delicious treats for everyone who came through the door, on a very cold day.


Medecine + Equipment Needed

Our Clinic is now OPEN! However the medicine needed to treat even the most common ailments is running out. In addition medical supplies are needed.

The list goes like this:
Examining Table $185.00
Medicine Trolley $130.00
Hospital Bed $150.00 (ordinary, no wheels or headrest)
Electric Centrifuge $230.00 (for blood work)
Autoclave 18LT $240.00 (for blood work)
HIV Determine strips 100 for $65.00
Glucometer Machine (plus strips) $60.00
Blood Grouping tiles $6.00 a pack
Measuring Cylinder $5.00 each 100ML
Haemo Control Cuvettes $40.00 each

Any and all donations are more than welcome. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to the school. No money is diverted for administration, marketing fees or salaries.


Fresh from Africa!

Fresh from Nairobi these re-purposed cement bags lined with kanga make oh-so stylish clutches. Great for storing make-up or going out, these mid-sized bags come fully lined with a beaded zipper. Custom made at the LC Education Centre by Rose and her single mom’s sewing club. They start with discarded cement bags found around the slum, line and trim them with kanga bought in Malindi by the Indian Ocean, sew in the zipper and add a single bead which is sourced from local markets around Nairobi.
Thoughtful and purposeful gifts. Now available at Bloom Artisan Boutique, 159 York Street in the Byward Market in Ottawa! Owner Lisa Wilson is putting them on display with all proceeds going to Project Chance Africa. Thank you Bloom!


Health Promotion and Sensitization Day

See our Events Page for the most exciting news! Gertrude’s children’s Hospital will be visiting the LC Education Centre next Thursday. This is huge step onward for our students, our school and our community… Read on to find out about what they’ll be doing with our kids.



Recently, we handed out about 200 pairs of shoes at the school in a range of sizes.Shoes are an item that are constantly in demand because kids are constantly growing. In Mathare, the need is particularly great to keep little feet out of the garbage and sewage always found underfoot. Thanks to Bonnie, Joan, Chantal, Carol, Lissa, Suan and Ottawa West Rotary for supplying them and bringing them to Nairobi.


A New Building for the LC Education Centre

For the past 9 years that PCA has been involved with the school & centre, it was located in a rented compound. With rising rents & looking towards sustainability, it was decided to purchase a building for the school. Fortunately one was found where the vendors agreed to payments by installments. The move to this building was made in January 2011. Renovations are needed to complete all the classrooms.  This school & centre has the capacity for the enrolment of 600 children. There is currently a waiting list for entry. Once the needed renovations are completed those waiting to come will be admitted. We anticipate having one Secondary grade.  This will be a first in this area as there are no Secondary schools in the slums.

This past winter, through donations from Ottawa West Rotary & private donors we were able to put electricity in the building, construct four large classrooms, toilet facilities, with showers & sinks. There are few buildings n the slum with running water & the capacity for electricity.  The school is fortunate in having both.


The rise up campaign continues…

In September 2010 PCA held a fund raiser at the Great Canadian Theatre Company. We raised $15,000.00. All of which went to the payment of the building. A huge “thank you” to everyone who participated in this event.

We now embark on the last phase of payment for the school building, which is due July 1st. ¾’s of the building is paid for.  We have $23,000.00 left to raise.  With the final payment, the LC education centre will own their own (6 storey) building at last. This will allow 600 impoverished children to have a chance for an education.

The school will also have room for the first secondary class. Secondary schools are out of reach for slum children. They are too expensive, and children rarely get to attend. Them. There are no secondary schools in Mathare.

Please help us to reach this important goal:
Any donation will be greatly appreciated. You can donate by cheque, credit card or debit card. The “canada helps” button  will do direct deposits.



renovations winter 2011

This winter we received a designated donation for renovations to the school.

We put lighting in many of the classrooms, 4 toilets with showers were built. The children are now able to shower at school there is no water in most of Mathare. We added two water cachement tanks, built 4 large classrooms, replaced some dirt floors with cement & built steps to the building.

We have the beginnings of a library, with the potential to operate a small internet café for the community & move toward self sustainability. Two sewing rooms were made for the single mothers program  & a large meeting room that the school can rent out for events.

We hope to have a health clinic in the building as well.



For the second year in a row, “the Mathare Scholarship Trust” a non profit organization out of Ottawa, offered one of our children a secondary school scholarship.

The ministry of education stated that they didn’t know how our children score such high marks in final exams, given their dire circumstances (orphans or from single parents).

Help us to help them go farther.
Thank you to everyone whose contribution has made it possible for  us get this far.

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